Road Train Haulage

BGC Contracting are recognised as specialists in the operation and maintenance of off-highway high production road trains. We have the ability to develop economic off-highway haulage solutions for all types of bulk commodities. 

Our expertise allows us to tailor innovative haulage solutions that reflect our client requirements. Providing an all-inclusive service, we are able to design, construct and maintain haul road systems with traffic management plans that enable the operating haulage units to carry maximum payloads at high average speeds.

With a proven track record and excellent support from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), our haulage solutions provide unprecedented availability and durability. BGC works with our OEM's to ensure provision of equipment suitable for the task that works to its maximum potential mass whilst remaining within in its design limits.

Our clients can be assured that all of our off-highway haulage equipment is operated and maintained within legislation regulations and manufacturers specifications. The favoured off highway haulage solution employed by BGC consists predominantly of 210t payload vehicles.

BGC Contracting are members of the West Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme and the West Australian Road Transport Association.