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TPI Rail Project

The Fortescue Railway is a private rail network owned by FMG in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The rail network is built to carry iron ore and, at the time of completion, was the heaviest haul railway in the world. FMG required further rail ballasts to carry out upgrades on their railway line from their Cloud Break mine site to the Herb Elliott Port at Port Hedland. This also included passing siding along the rail track.


Subsequently, in 2008 BGC was contracted, as part of an alliance, to complete the embankment construction for the 260km railway line between Port Hedland and Cloud Break Mine, including the associated drilling, blasting and culvert requirements along this length. The project included working adjacent to and the crossing of operational infrastructure including the Great Northern Highway and the existing BHP Mt Newman railway line.

The total BGC works, at a contact value in the vicinity of $205 million, included a quantity of 150Ha of clearing, 600,000m3 of rock, 1,6 million m3 of fill,100,000m3 of capping layer, 3.5km of culverts, 10,000m3 of rock armouring to bridge abutments and other associated works.

BGC also continued to supply ballast for FMG for ongoing rail maintenance.

Client: Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMG)

Western Australia