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Sino Iron Roads Drainage and Lighting Infrastructure

Over five months, BGC Contracting delivered a range of road, drainage and lighting infrastructure works for CITIC Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron Project operations.

The scope of work included in this project was:

  • Clearing, stripping and grubbing, removing existing obstacles
  • Earthworks, including bulk and detailed earthworks, cut and fill, disposal of spoils and excess materials
  • Road pavement and shoulder construction, including the supply, mixing, placing, grading, shaping and compacting of pavement layers, coat seal placing and compaction
  • Concrete works such as retaining wall, concrete drain, concrete kerb
  • Drainage works for storm water drains and C.S.P culverts, including the setting out, excavation to levels, bedding, laying and backfilling, rock placing
  • Embankments, cable trench excavation and other civil works
  • Light pole foundation works, including excavation, reinforcing cage, concrete, holding down bolts, embedding conduits and base plates
  • Lighting distribution boards (DBLs) foundation works, including excavation, embedding conduits, reinforcing bars and concrete
  • Electrical installation including DBLs, light poles, lighting fixtures, earthings, earthing pits, junction boxes, LV cable, conduits and photoelectric sensors, etc
  • Conducting all necessary survey works to determine and establish the location and extent of existing services (including underground services) within the work areas and notifying the Principal of its findings prior to commencing any part of the Works

Client: CITIC Pacific Mining

June 2016 - November 2016
Western Australia