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Sino Iron Operations Supply Base

BGC Contracting delivered the construction of an Operations Supply Base at CITIC Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron Project.

The work involved the construction of the new 8,000m2 warehouse and additional ancillary facilities to support the expansion of the process lines at Sino Iron Project’s processing plant.  Under the contract BGC Contracting provided the Structural, Mechanical and Piping (SMP), Electrical, Instrumentation, Communications and HVAC Works for the Principal’s expansion activities.

The scope of work included in this project was:

  • Supply of all management, supervision, labour, materials, plant, equipment, tools, consumables, site facilities, warehousing facilities, transportation, logistics, testing devices, surveying equipment, erection, assembly, installation and construction verification and all other things necessary to execute and complete the Works
  • Supply and fabrication of structural, mechanical and piping, electrical and HVAC components

Client: CITIC Pacific Mining

April 2016 - December 2016
Western Australia