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Sino Iron Construction of Warehouse, Workshop and Roads

"Despite the challenges associated with conducting construction works in a live-operating, brownfield environment, the BGC Contracting team maintained a collaborative approach to problem-solving and issue resolution. Their 'default response' to challenges was positive and professional, working with our team to identify potential problem as early as possible and develop the best possible solution for our organisation."

Ming Hao Wang, Project Manager CITIC Pacific Mining.

BGC Contracting successfully delivered a range of construction works in support of expanding a power plant at the Sino Iron Project, Australia’s largest magnetite mining and processing operation.

The project involved the construction of a Warehouse, Workshop and associated roads to increase the storage and maintenance capacity of the plant facility. BGC Contracting provided the Structural, Mechanical and Piping (SMP), Electrical, Instrumentation, Communications, HVAC and Road network works for the Expansion.

BGC Contracting shares a long and successful working relationship with CITIC Pacific Mining on the Sino Iron Project and this contract is just one of many.

The scope of work included in this project was:

  • Supply of all management, supervision, labour, materials, plant, equipment, tools, consumables, site facilities, warehousing facilities, transportation, logistics, testing devices, surveying equipment, erection, assembly, installation and construction verification and all other things necessary to execute and complete the works.
  • Supply and fabrication of structural, electrical, HVAC, mechanical and piping components.

Client: CITIC Pacific Mining

February 2017 - September 2017
Western Australia