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Pluto LNG Domestic Fuel Supply - Woodside Energy Ltd - WA
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Pluto LNG Domestic Fuel Supply – Woodside Energy & Worley Parsons

A result of BGC Contracting’s input, Woodside had full certainty in the construction and delivery of this critical “Green Corridor” project. This resulted in the fast-tracking of internal approvals and subsequent early works and mobilisation. Delivered on schedule and on budget. Zero environmental / quality non-conformance and zero MTI’s and LTI’s.


The Pluto LNG project is located 190km north-west of Karratha, in Western Australia, in the Northern Carnarvon Basin. To accelerate development of the LNG fuels market in the north-west of Australia, construction of a LNG truck– loading facility at the Pluto LNG plant was required. This “Green Corridor” project allows would then allow Woodside’s LNG to be distributed by truck to customers throughout the Pilbara. Having delivered civil construction solutions for Woodside for over 15 years, BGC Contracting directly negotiated and were awarded an Early Contractor Involvement contract to work closely with their EPC, WorleyParsons for this new loading facility. This project required full site collaboration between all parties, as works were undertaken in a very constrained site within a live gas plant with known cultural heritage areas, non-disturbance (environmental) zones, and numerous existing services and structures requiring protection. To ensure that there were no program delays, or safety and quality issues, BGC Contracting worked closely with MGJV to coordinate the civil and electrical installation works within this geographically constrained site.

BGC Contracting provided input into the design, identified constructability solutions and innovations to maximise work sequencing, construction and pricing efficiencies. Working closely with the EPC’s planning and design team, several benefits were realised including:

  • Changing concrete in-situ retaining wall, culvert and lighting footings etc. to precast, allowed for earlier start and minimised manning requirements reducing costs and improving site safety
  • Undertook site test pits prior to design finalisation to determine geology, resulting in design improvements to the weighbridge structure, and loadout footings and trenching design changes to avoid subsurface rock
  • Safety in design solution included removal of blasting and rock breaking activities through relocation of services, following BGC Contracting site walk-over
  • Concrete pavement fibre reinforced to minimise number of pours
  • Repurposing demolished materials such as concrete footings and recycling of site waste (cardboard), reducing carbon footprint and providing significant cost savings to Woodside
  • Consolidation of underground services including electrical, communications and earthing to minimise trenching
  • Early generation and approval of work packs and job cards
  • Preparation of detailed civil program by BGC Contracting and subsequent integration of Woodside’s multi-disciplinary master program
  • Completion of early works, whilst working closely with EPC to finalise design, resulting in no time delays to master program
  • Commencement of pre-cast works prior to site mobilisation, therefore meeting critical path.


  • Establishment of all site facilities and temporary fencing for Woodside and WorleyParsons, the Electrical & SMP Contractor – MGJV, and BGC CONTRACTING
  • Trenching, demolition, earthworks, drainage and culverts, installation of precast footings, rock batters, granular pavements, line-marking, road signs, W-beam barriers, steel bollards, grouting of steel structures for the LNG loading bay (zone 1) and the weighbridge (zone 2)
  • Construction of a detention swale, precast concrete retaining walls, and fibre reinforced concrete pavements.
  • Zone 2 works included clearing, services installation, in-situ concrete weighbridge foundations, and protection, removal and relocation of an existing effluent treatment plant pipe, and protection and monitoring of nearby heritage sites.

Client: Woodside Energy Ltd

May 2017 – March 2019
Western Australia