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Phosphate Hill Mine

As part of our mining contract, the team are required to build and maintain the gypsum tailings storage facilities.


Phosphate Hill is an open pit Phosphate Rock mine located 900km west of Townsville in North Queensland. The Phosphate rock is mined from a series of open cut pits before being stockpiled and crushed. In October 2016, BGC Contracting began to deliver a range of services on the project including the excavation and placement of overburden, drilling and blasting, maintenance of the gypsum discard storage areas, stockpile management and feed services to the ROM crusher, beneficiation plant and the train loading area.

The contract, valued at approximately $100M, also provides for the transporting of ore to the clients processing plant 150km south of Mt Isa. The project life is spread over 60 months and a total of 27 million BCM is to be mined during this period. The scope of work included in this project is:

  • Maintain the supply of mill feed ore to nominated ROM stockpiles
  • Maintain the supply of mill feed ore to the plant crusher from ROM
  • Spread phosphogypsum, construct and maintain the gypsum stack
  • Provide loading and transport of product from the Fertiliser Plant
  • Excavate, reclaim, construction of tailings dams;
  • Maintain the required feed of product to the weigh batch bin above the train siding.


As part of our mining contract, the team are required to build and maintain the gypsum tailings storage facilities. These works include construction of embankments and installation of HDPE lining. The gypsum slurry by-product is deposited into these stacks through the rim ditch. The settled solids are then removed using 2x 15m and 1x 18m long reach EX470 excavators. Construction of the new gypsum stack in 2018 required an innovative approach due to the designed angles of the embankments. Through manufacture of bespoke plant attachments “batter bar” in lieu of the “bucket” norm, the team were able to precisely grade the embankments thus work more efficiently.


The contract is being delivered in line with agreed productivity and to a high standard. BGC currently has an 80+ strong workforce onsite, supported by site-based fleet owned and operated by BGC. We have a fully equipped office and ITC facilities, with access to client owned ablutions facilities, crib room and workshops.

To date, BGC has achieved Indigenous employment rates of 10.3%. We recognise that in relation to Indigenous employment, we must continue to improve, and we continue to work with the local Indigenous communities to encourage applications to create an inclusive workplace culture.

For over 24-months (as at Feb 2019) there have been zero LTIs, zero serious potential incidents and zero total recordable injuries.

Client: Incitec Pivot Ltd

October 2016 – September 2021