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Koolyanobbing Project

The Koolyanobbing Iron Ore Project is located in the Yilgarn region, approximately 400km northeast of Perth in Western Australia, and provides lump and fine products internationally to the world’s most rapidly growing steel markets.

In 2013, Cliffs Natural Resources renewed BGC’s mining contract and is now valued to be in the region of $2.5 billion. Total contract volume is estimated to be 70 million tonnes of ore.


BGC Contracting’s long standing relationship commenced with Cliffs Natural Resources (formerly Portman Ltd) in February 2004 as haulage contractor for their Koolyanobbing project.


In 2007, BGC further established their reputation for developing strong relationships with their clients as they went on to secure the mining contract to provide the full range of mining services including drilling, blasting, loading, hauling, dumping, crushing, screening and train load-out of approximately 26 million BCM of ore and waste per annum from mines within the Koolyanobbing, Windarling and Mount Jackson regions in WA. Ore is hauled utilising road trains from Windarling and Mount Jackson to Koolyanobbing where it is crushed, screened and loaded on to trains at a rate of approximately 11 million tonnes a year.

Up to 30 specialised minesite build roadtrains haul product over a 24 hour double shift period to meet schedule requirements. Payload of each load will be in the vicinity of 210 tonnes. Also included in the scope is road maintenance, management of water supply pumps and distribution locations.

BGC Contracting was also responsible for operating and maintaining an 11.5 Mtpa iron ore handling plant (Crushing , Screening, Stacking and Loading).


In 2013, Cliffs Natural Resources renewed BGC’s mining contract valued in the region of $2.5 billion and total contract volume estimated at 70 million tonnes of ore.

Subsequently in early 2016, BGC's scope was further expanded to conclude at life of mine for the project which was scheduled till 2022. In 2018 Cliffs Resources sold the operation to Mineral Resources as owner operators which resulted in the conclusion of BGC Contracting’s operations. BGC’s long standing relationship with Cliffs saw the two companies work collaboratively together over the better part of a decade.

Client: Cliffs Natural Resources Pty Limited – Portman Ltd

January 2013 - August 2018
Western Australia