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Iron Baron HV Workshop - SIMEC Mining - SA
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Iron Baron HV Workshop

BGC delivered this complex construction project on schedule and to budget whilst exceeding all performance requirements.


A design and construction contract for the new 825m2 workshop within the operational Iron Baron Mining Area (IBMA) in South Australia. BGC, together with local subcontractors, delivered all earthworks, drainage, concreting, structural and fitout works. The new workshop was completed with offices & crib facilities, power, communications, water supply, compressed air, fire hoses, water tanks, safety signage, safety showers and line marking.

The scope of works includes:

  • 2 bay workshop comprising double stacked 40 foot sea containers on a 33m x 25m slab
  • Site preparation, cut to spoil earthworks totalling 8,500m3 and detailed excavation of the workshop slab
  • Installation of 274m3 of 40mpa concrete to form the workshop floor with cast-in rails to suit tracked SME
  • Installation of 44m of Class G drainage channel and pre-cast drainage pits
  • Placement of 8 x 40-foot sea containers secured to the concrete using dove tail twist locks
  • Installation of 3 loading docks
  • Assembly of two 12.2m dome shelters
  • Grading of surrounding storage area and roadways


The BGC team carefully staged the project to minimise disruption to the mining operation. Health and safety considerations were paramount with mining staff fully separated from the works, and comprehensive communication protocols in place. Deliveries and site traffic were carefully managed with vehicles segregated as much as possible. Throughout the planning period, the BGC team identified the following value engineering options resulting in $14,500 of client savings and an improved design:

  • Utilisation of pre-cast drainage pits & lids
  • Securing containers using dove-tail twist locks
  • Realignment of drainage channels to minimise changes of direction


This was a highly collaborative project with BGC Contracting’s Civil and Mining divisions working together to leverage off expertise whilst maximising plant and programme momentum. For example:

  • Utilisation of spare mining fleet to perform the necessary bulk earthworks reduced mobilisation costs
  • BGC Mining staff already on site who had the necessary civil construction skills required to achieve the quality and tolerances where engaged to prepare ground works for the construction of a concrete slab

BGC delivered this complex construction project on schedule and to budget whilst exceeding all performance requirements. The IBMA workshop showcases BGC’s ability to deliver a multi-disciplined project and establish a site culture to achieve excellence in all aspects of delivery.

Client: SIMEC Mining

October 2018 – February 2019
South Australia