Health and safety management is a fundamental aspect of BGC Contracting’s day-to-day operations and we are committed to providing workplaces for employees, subcontractors, clients and visitors that are incident and injury-free. Our thriving health and safety culture is demonstrated by the involvement of senior management at all levels in the workplace, the ongoing development of health and safety systems, our investment in employee training and our workers safe conduct on work sites.

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TRISAFE is our innovative health and safety culture framework that has at its pinnacle– a “Thriving Health and Safety Culture”. It is the vehicle we embrace as a business  to help us achieve excellence in the field of health and safety and most importantly, keep our people and projects safe. 


There are three main stakeholder groups that work together to create the right conditions to achieve a "Thriving Health and Safety Culture" at BGC Contracting. When: 

  • "I Thrive" as an individual 
  • "We Thrive" together as a team
  • "Our Leaders" help us Thrive as an organisation. 

These three groups are the driving force behind TRISAFE and allowing it to reach our aspiration. 

TRISAFE is not a new process or procedure. It simply describes the beliefs and behaviours we expect from everyone to create a "Thriving Health and Safety Culture" that supports our CHARTER. It is our innovative way to show how as individuals and teams we can thrive with the support of our leaders to improve our wellbeing and safety performance.

It reflects that at BGC Contracting, health and safety is more than compliance to a set of policies, standards, procedures and forms. It is a flourishing and prospering environment which generates caring and committed people, enabled teams, and an informed organisation that contributes to a high performing culture. These characteristics make up the core elements of TRISAFE to help us achieve our ultimate aspiration at its pinnacle.

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We Value the Wellbeing of our Employees








We care about the health and wellbeing of our people and we recognise that wellbeing is important for happiness, resilience, productivity and performance. Wellbeing is a holistic concept that incorporates both mental wellness (the mind) and physical wellness (the body). The ethos behind BGC Contracting’s Thrive Wellness Program is, ‘Thriving bodies and thriving minds create healthy, resilient and adaptable people, teams and leaders.

BGC Contracting takes a thoughtful and proactive approach towards supporting our employees to improve their overall wellbeing. We have collaborated with the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Safety and designed a unique wellness framework, which seeks to deliver real, measurable benefits to our people’s overall wellbeing. We develop and run specific wellness programs that are designed to support our people at all levels of the organisation to achieve improvements to their unique health profile.

The Thrive Wellness Program is embedded in a broader Health and Safety culture framework with the ultimate goal of providing a platform for our people to thrive as individuals, in their teams with the support of their leaders and the organisation. We are creating an environment that promotes and sustains wellbeing, equips our people with problem solving abilities and supports our people to become autonomous in managing their wellbeing both at work and at home.

We believe that when our employees thrive, so does our organisation. We recognise that investing in the health and wellbeing of our people improves morale, productivity, innovation and safety – which ultimately leads to satisfied staff and stronger business performance.

HSEQ Policies 

To view our company HSEQ policies see below: 

Health & Safety Policy 

Environmental Policy

Quality Policy 

Performance Measuring and Monitoring

Performance Measuring and Monitoring

We measure and monitor our safety performance which is based on a holistic approach which combines a series of lead and lag indicators. Our lead indicators are based on a qualitative measure using leadership as a key underpinning performance indicator. To support this we also use measures based on serious potential incidents and injury rates which once combined gives a clear indication on performance.

Currently our performance measures places us in the top quartile of the largest mining and civil construction contracting companies in Australia.

Environmental management

The BGC Contracting Environmental Management System is accredited to ISO14001, and our aim is to always conduct business in line with the community's desire to protect the natural environment.

We work closely with our clients and integrate contractual and legislated environmental requirements into our approved Environmental Management Plan for the project.

Performance Measuring and Monitoring